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Stackless Inspiration

23 Jul 2008

As a software developer, I appreciate Stackless Python — with it, I can break a problem down into tiny units. Then, I can run them as “microthreads” which can communicate to other such microthreads through convenient channels. I think I’d like to achieve Stackless Life, working on efficient microactions — with clear input/output between actions — in personal and professional execution.

As the name implies, Stackless is Python without the C stack, a somewhat limited memory buffer used to switch tasks (to state it simply). What if, in real life, you could put aside your limited memory “stack” and work on a task without having to remember every step you took before you started that task?

Stackless allows efficient workflow “without the performance and complexity problems associated with conventional” execution. Stackless features:

Best of all, Stackless is (or at least should be) fully compatible with its traditional analog.

Consider the following. The stack stores the entire state of a task before switching to another. Switching too many times without unraveling/unwinding will cause a crash due to hard memory limits. Suppose we, as professionals, could do the same. What if, at any time, you could continue working on a microaction right where you left off? What if your colleague could just as easily pick up where you left off? What if … we were stackless, too?