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Goal: Build a Better Lab Notebook

18 Oct 2008

New Goal

Build a better lab notebook, and publish it to espresso mind.


Good blogs have good themes.

I started blogging many years ago, and this is something I quickly learned.  I honestly don’t remember my first blog platform, but I do remember being really active in Xanga at the turn of the century :-).  I spent the last 3 years specifically not blogging.  This summer I jumped on WordPress to get to know it (I’d heard a lot about it).  I explored the topic space a bit, but I never did find my theme (topical, not graphical).

I have already been working to export my personal lab activities into a digital easy-to-share format, so why not just use a blog platform like WordPress?

In other words, I’ve been trying to find my blogging mojo and my work@home mojo.  Sometime recently, I fully realized that they have a lot in common.

WTF — you have a lab at home?

Not as such.  I do, however, spend far too much time on personal projects to not document along the way.   I experiment with software and hardware.  I often have short-term and long-term goals in doing so, but sometimes I just want to try something out.

That sounds much like a lab to me, and sharing the process and its results sound like great ideas.

What’s in your lab notebook?

Reflecting on it a bit, I can classify my lab notebook as having general observations, goals and assumptions, non-critical (but often useful) notes in the margin, keepers — notable things to use along the way, doodles — tangential outbursts or minor distractions.  Of course, everything centers around labs, potential lab exercises, outlines, discussions, data, and a special kind of lab, the easy ones.

Words in bold appear to be good blog categories.

The big question: why?

That’s a dangerous question.  I’m just having fun. My motivation is that I’d like to kick things up a notch in my for-fun projects.  Actually, I’d like to turn it up to 11.  At the very least, I’d like to “put my progress out there” in case anyone else might ever come along via some search engine.

If I fail in maintaining a lab notebook on espresso mind, then at least I’ll get to know myself a little better.

What is there to lose?  I’m already spending time on this stuff!