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Think, Know, or Live: How Involved Are You?

4 Jul 2008

You face a problem or a task.  Do you have?

  • leads on how to get started on a solution
  • one or more approaches toward a solution
  • immediate solutions, because you have been in this situation many times before

In other words, how involved are you in a process – a problem and its respective solutions (or inputs mapped to outputs)?

  • You think about it.
  • You know it.
  • You live it.

Perhaps sports analogies are overused; nonetheless, consider the process of hitting home runs in baseball.  Baseball fans think a lot about baseball, and they think they know how a batter hits a home run.  An experienced batting coach knows how to hit a home run and is able to teach it and perhaps even succeed in hitting one from time to time.  A seasoned batter (particularly the record setter) lives home runs, hits them regularly, has many techniques for hitting them, and even improves on these techniques with each hit.

Defining involvement in terms of to think, to know, and to live, is a simplified perspective, but you may find it to be effective.  If you want to start living a process, whether (for example) it is mastering a technology, forming a new organization, or adopting a new habit, ask yourself how involved you are in that process.

  • Do you think about the process, but have many unanswered questions (or perhaps have yet to ask the valuable questions)?
  • Do you know the process well, and have an educated background in its domain?
  • Do you live about the process, face it regularly and have habits and an intuitive sense to deal with it?

Answering these questions may prove challenging, but your answers will help you understand your opportunities with respect to a process or problem you face.  If you think about a process, do some research and coursework to get to know it.  If you know about it and are passionate about it, spend time with it; live it.

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