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13 Personal Proverbs for Good Android App Design

20 Jan 2009

Or: A long list of one user’s great expectations when installing an android app on his handset.

Evaluating Apps on the G1

android_marketIn the first 72 hours of getting my android handset, I installed over 60 applications. I uninstalled about 12. I tried to identify expectation gaps while evaluating apps, and I spun those gaps into personal “proverbs” (perhaps guidelines is a better word), which I list here.

I have yet to find an application which didn’t function at its core. I always wonder why people make terse comments like “doesn’t work” on the market… In all cases, I uninstalled an application for one of three reasons below.

  1. The user interface is awkward, cluttered, annoying, or frustrating.
  2. The application itself runs slowly.
  3. The application is too aggressive in self-promotion.

Where two applications provided similar functionality, I kept the application which most closely matched my expectations.

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