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Social Media Bankruptcy

18 Oct 2008

I recently declared social media bankruptcy.

Many services started to feel useless to me, and worse, some started to become very distracting.  So I declared “bankruptcy” to reorganize (chapter 13) my social investments.  I noticed that many of my social interactions had become dull, diluted, or distracted.  In order to gain better focus for the relationships that matter, I started cutting out the biggest culprits (facebook first against the wall) and pruning any contact list which presented itself to me.

  • deactivated facebook account (and I haven’t missed it one bit)
  • started a new AIM handle; added 30% of “buddies” from old list
  • cleaned out Yahoo! profiles
  • successfully unsubscribed from dozens of mailing lists
  • created GMail and procmail filters to take care of failed opt-out requests
  • pruned GMail contact list from ~500 to ~100 contacts
  • erased all Google Talk contacts (they were all automatically generated anyway)
  • sorted important email messages, and archived all mail across all of my accounts
  • sliced Skype contact list in half
  • wiped out useless WordPress posts
  • removed 5% of LinkedIn connections; wiped out “contact list” with ~400 people from old GMail import
  • tweaked device/phone settings on twitter; made a post
  • adjusted profile on a few remaining sites

Surprisingly, twitter and LinkedIn went almost completely untouched.  I guess we’ve always had good relationships, perhaps twitter for its simplicity and LinkedIn for its professionalism (I really never did accept connections unless I really know someone well enough in a professional context).

I’ve now officially restructured my social activity space; it has far less clutter, far more peace of mind.  It amazes me how even petty clutter can annoy so deeply.

It actually was a sort of “lab exercise” in simplifying how I use the social tools around me.  I’m very happy I did it!