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Getting Email on a Dumbphone

23 Jul 2008

I’d like to know when a VIP is trying to reach me.

I always have a mobile phone on me, and I already have Google Calendar send me text messages (SMS) with event and appointment reminders. I’d like to get a text message when a VIP emails me, too. I am more able to align priorities if I’m fairly confident that all of my closest stakeholders are not trying to reach me (or otherwise have newly stated/implied expectations on me); a push system would free up worry cycles for real work.

In a world of smartphones, of iPhones, Blackberrys, Palms, s60s, and the upcoming Android platform, of all smartphones, I have a dumbphone. It’s a good phone — the Motorola RAZR (v3m) on Verizon Wireless — but dumb notwithstanding. How do I get emails pushed to my dumbphone, with clean readable results? I decided to make it work for me…

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