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Quick and Simple Publishing with Google Pages

9 Jul 2008

Last night, I had a web dilemma: I wanted to host one web page, but not on any of the servers I currently have access to, since this would be content posted on behalf of a different organization. Because this one static page only needs to be active for a couple months, after which I can delete it, I was not inclined to buy server space at any cost.

Thanks to a well-timed Instant Message from Ron DuPlain, I saw the light: Google Pages ( This is Google’s answer to free static web hosting, accessed through your Google account. It provides:

  • A nice collection of style sheets to use as templates
  • A quick and dirty (web-based) visual web page editor (simple, yet effective)
  • A simple upload function if you want to use images or roll your own HTML

You get up to 100MB for your pages, accessible at http://* URLs. With the page that I cooked up last night, I’m barely touching my quota.