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Finding Voice

25 Mar 2009

I enjoy a good weblog. I follow a few good weblogs with Reader, and while I don’t keep up with it every day, I still feel connected to What’s Going On. Many years ago, I had a personal blog which I mostly kept private, but the habit fell through when I was an engineering undergrad.

This past summer, I wanted to pick up blogging again, mostly because I’d like to keep track of my various projects and explorations of software tools. So I started a blog on WordPress; it was easy.

It was surprisingly not easy to actually write something of interest. I seem to keep up pretty well with conversations in person (most people call me when they say they will), through chat, and by email, but I fall short when it comes to blogging. I tried out a few posts, but I couldn’t seem to find my theme. Good blogs have themes — that’s what I have told myself for years. Somehow I had no inspiration. Was I really that uninspired?

Looking back, I had no audience. Actually, I had an audience of one: me, but whenever I wanted to write something to said audience, I’d grab a whiteboard, emacs or a notebook, a shell, a post-it, or a web browser, in that order of preference. So I kept my audience happy, and the blog remained neglected.

I would still like to promote active reflection in more than 140 characters now and then… So I am finding my voice, not in the David Whyte sort-of-way, but voice as a natural form of expression through blogging.

I would like to use this blog to pick up where conversations leave off (or lead into new conversations). Perhaps others will find my blog and be able to fill in the blanks. This may seem like an obvious observation, but it suggests that I’m not interested in getting traffic, sounding smarter than I am, writing a column, or one of a thousand other reasons why people blog.

I will know that I am successful in writing here if one of my posts comes up in a conversation, not if Google Analytics shows a few more hits.