Feedback Guidelines

The authors of espressomind appreciate readership. It’s very satisfying to know that a lab notebook can be useful to others. It’s also great when readers contribute content. It’s not so great, however, when commenters are too impolite or aggressive.

Above all, we’d like commenters to be respectful. We remind readers that the content here is rooted in documenting perspective, effort, and progress associated with free-form project development and lab setup. We aren’t likely to enter a public place, find someone writing a journal, and refute their writing and try to put them down. We hope readers aren’t likely to do the same to espressomind. That’s not cool. It’s cool to disagree, but it’s best to do so constructively.

We highly value meaningful networking and constructive discussion. So much so, we put this silly page here. We really want to meet new people, but not people who will only spend a few seconds with us just to provide poisonous comments.

Even comments which are well-intended may never appear with the original page. We may delete comments from a post if they are directed specifically at the authors and do not add value to the original post itself. In these cases, the comment will be stored for author consumption only. We value high integrity of information in our notebook. Consider these types of comments analogous to sticky notes, temporary and primarily for author use.

Finally, this is not a support forum. We’d love to help with all problems, but we won’t likely respond to comments which are better suited for a manufacturer or service provider.

The authors and moderators of espressomind reserve the right to remove any comment that subjectively does not meet these guidelines.

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