espressomind.com is a lab notebook toward creative sociotechnology that’s useful.

This began as a personal lab notebook. Authors of espressomind work diligently (often to the credit of espresso itself) on various activities through pursuit of great projects at home, on the go, and through employment, and espressomind provides a method for sharing results along the way.

The primary purpose of espressomind is to export useful content. The authors here are happy to have you, the reader. We hope you find the content here useful. Use our advice wisely. We welcome readers to interact with us, but we also encourage them to be respectful.

The content here finds its inspiration in espresso (mostly the beverage) and applying the caffeine buzz to really great things. For starters, espresso is elegant, potent, made-to-order, made on-demand, is without cruft, is the root of many derived products, … and so on.

To understand further, make yourself an espresso and meditate carefully while drinking it. Repeat every day until you find a certain Zen about it…

You can learn much from everyday things.

Does that provide enough “about?”

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